Sassy screen

Sassy happens when the player made three special candies consecutively to stun boss in boss levels.


Jenny tip boss levels 1
Jenny tip boss levels 2

To activate Sassy, the player(or Jenny) has to create three special candies consecutively in a row. In the first and second creation, the board sides will light up and boss will stun. Continue to the third creation, Sassy is activated or the player made triple stun, and the board sides will light continuously. Sassy still continues working if the player goes on creating special candies. If the player matches candies normally or combine special candies, a 3x3 explosion or a power move will be activated and Sassy will immediately end.


Boss tip boss levels
  • The boss can also create special candies to stun the player. However, Sassy will not be activated even though boss made triple stun.
  • Two special candies can also be created in one move. In this case, when the player makes a special candy on next move, Sassy will be activated.
  • Special candy which made after the first cascade doesn't stun the boss.
    • Creating special candy by purple jelly candies will not stun the boss, either.
  • Making a normal match and special candy with purple jelly candies during Sassy won't create a 3×3 explosion. However, it was fixed not long.
  • Creating a special candy after activating color bomb or coloring candy will reset the process of Sassy.
  • This feature will end if the player player makes a normal match or combines special candies after creating the third special candies or runs out of moves in boss levels.