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Level 63

Level 63 Mobile V1-Board 1

Level 63 Mobile V1-Board 2

Level 63 Mobile V1-Board 3

Episode Polka Plateau
Level type Jelly levels icon
Moves Move Moves-30
Number of
candy colors
Blockers Liquorice Lock  Liquorice Swirl
Other features None
Target score 1graystar 1yellowstar : ? points
Number of spaces Space 72+64+41 (167)
Sections Unknown
Difficulty Nearly Impossible

First VersionEdit

This version was available before October 24, 2015.

  • There were 5-6 candy colours.
  • There were 30 moves instead of 35.
  • The second board had one more row of cupcakes.
  • The third board had no licorice swirls and one more candy colour.