Jenny is the main protagonist in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

When you complete, Jenny appears jolly. However, she will become sad if you fail a level.


She is a yeti girl (marked as the third main character of the Candy Crush game series, and the first main character who is an animal and a hero (Yeti)).

She wears an orange shirt, and a green ribbon.


  • In the first episode, Cotton Candy Clouds, she stands on the Tree Tops and waves welcome the first players.
  • In the 30th episode, Gingerbread Hills, she stops at the snow mountain. She and monkey are playing on the snow mountains and prepare fireworks rods.


  • Her jumping scene when the player completes level was changed after 21 January 2016.
  • In the 1.3.3 update and later, after completed boss levels (jelly boss levels, puffler boss levels, monkling boss levels) and monkling levels, she will jump out of the control board.
  • She is the first and only main character is a animal (yet as she is a yeti).
    • She also is the first and only character who does not cry in (Super)Hard) levels when the player fail on a (Boss) level, yet she only become sad in levels.


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