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Jelly Queen

Jelly Queen is the main antagonist in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. She first appears on level 4, in the intro and all Jelly boss levels. She spreads green jellies in jelly boss levels.


Her body is made of pink jelly and she wears earrings and necklace with orange striped candies and holds wand with orange sphere on its head.


  • In the older versions of the game (Before 1.4.1) she adds more frosting to the board in puffler boss levels.
  • When the player clicks/taps End Game in any of the boss levels, she will appear at the middle of the screen and throw her green jelly on the top screen before the game over screen appears.
    • However, when you hold an X at the gold shop screen or hold End Game at the option to continue game or end the game, there is a chance that she will not appear and the game over screen will appear immediately.


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