Gold Bank table

Gold Bank

Gold (also known as Gold Bars) is the currency in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It can be bought in the Candy Crush Jelly Bank for a minimum of 1 US dollar (or the equivalent in another currency), which will get you 10 gold bars. It was introduced as the new currency released in *date month, year*. Gold can be used to buy boosters, lives, tickets, moves and to unlock episodes.

List of elements that use Gold BarsEdit


  • The player receives 50 gold bars when first to play.
  • Unfortunately, there is no other possible way to obtain gold bars other than the first 50, Facebook, or via in-app purchase, or through hacking. However, now there are some ways to earn gold bars for free without hacking:
    • The first way is to synchronize the progress when downloading/starting the game first time on another platform (PC or mobile), which gives another 50.
  • On March 23, 2017, King gave to the players one more way to earn gold. If you always update your app, you will grab yourself 10 free Gold Bars (This is only applied for mobile devices). However, after a few months, this features was removed.