This is the policy for uploading images on Candy Crush Jelly Wiki.

File typeEdit

  • Two file types encouraged to use is ".png" and ".jpg".
  • The resolution of the images is 800x600 on web or approximately 1 pixel (800x599 or 799x600).

File nameEdit

  • Normal levels: Level (level number).png (ex: Level 9.png)
  • If levels have many sections: Level (level number)-(section number).png (Ex: Level 9-1.png, Level9-2.png)
  • If levels have many versions: Level (level number)((versions number)).png (Ex: Level 9(1).png, Level 9(2).png)
  • If levels have many sections and versions: Level (level number)((version number))-(section number).png (Ex: Level 9(2)-1.png, Level 9(2)-2.png, Level 9(2)-3.png)
  • If levels have candies that do not start from rest: Level (level number) before.png, Level (level number) after.png (Ex: Level 9 before.png, Level 9 after.png)
  • If levels have all elements above: Level (level number)((version number))-(board number) before.png, Level (level number)((version number))-(section number) after.png (Ex: Level 9(2)-1 before.png, Level 9(2)-1 after.png)
  • If levels have specific version: Level (level number)(specific version number).png (Ex: Level 9(1.80.0).png)

  • Episode backgrounds: (episode name) background.png or (episode name) background.jpg) (Ex: Candy Town background.png or Candy Town background.jpg)
  • Episode pathways: (episode name) Map (map number).png (Ex: Candy Town Map 1.png, Candy Town Map 2.png)

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